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winston_academy's Journal

Winston Academy
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This is a celebrity au rpg. No intention to insult anyone or cause harm to anyone.

- when you make a post put the day, time and place to the headline example: Tuesday Afternoon Library for example and remember to check to post before yours to see you are playing the same day
- mod town_mod is time-setter, when she posts a new day, then the new day starts
- players must be over 16 years old
- if you don't approve of slash relationships don't join
- play nice and have fun
- no attacks against other players or their characters, unless they are agreed/part of the plot line
- characters must have their own journals and players must update them, character's feelings, plans, songs, quizzes etc.

Winston Academy in a boarding school for boys and girls between the ages of 15 and 20. Everyone is welcome: Rich kids, court ordered juvenile delinquents and scholarship students. The academy is located in southern California few miles away from the sea.

The students live in dormitories, one for girls and one for boys, two for each room. The dormitories are called Willow Hall (for girls) and Oak Hall (for boys). Both dormitories have supervisors, teachers. There's also a "big brother" and a "big sister" who are there to help the younger students.

The school uniform is mandatory. There's a uniform for cold weather and another for warm weather. They will also get clothes for sports too, shorts, t-shirts, track pants and shirts with school crest. Uniforms are mandatory in classes, formal school parties and meetings. Weekends and after school students can wear their own clothes.

The students can study everything from regular school subjects to fencing, dancing, music, sports, acting, arts, computer studies, self defence, cooking and literature.

The school campus consists of the main building (all the class rooms, teachers's offices, office and the cafeteria), library, dormitories, Winston Hall (staff rooms), sports building (gymnasium, dance hall, pool, indoor courts etc.) and the outside game courts.
Dormitories have rooms for two, lounge, laundry room, kitchen, joint bathroom, office and supervisor's room. All the dormitory rooms have toilets, all the necessary furniture for the two inhabitants and small fridges.

Class schedule

This game allows slash. All relationships are welcome boy/boy, girl/girl, boy/girl, student/student, student/staff, staff/staff and all the varied threesomes too.

List of available staff positions.

When you join send this info to winston_occ:
Character name:
Character birthdate: (Age wheteher it's RL age or age in the game)
Character birthplace:
Writer timezone/location:
Writer aim/email:
and a short introduction of your character, thank you!

After the intro post to occ, new students must go to their dormitories: girls to willow_hall and boys to oak_hall. There they will be helped by other students to settle down and find their rooms. They will have their keys, map, help and answers to the questions they might have before they start their lives and studies at winston_academy.

winston_classes is the place for all the classes.

Taken characters:
dean_mckellen Sir Ian McKellen - the dean
proffbean Sean Bean - a teacher, psychology
viggoafterclass Viggo Mortensen - a teacher, writing
msbirch Thora Birch - a teacher, art
thespiandepp Johnny Depp - a teacher, acting
teacher_curry Tim Curry - a nurse
urban_myth_ Karl Urban - the caretaker
fencing_meyers Jonathan Rhys Meyers - a teacher, fencing
killing_cillian Cillian Murphy - a teacher, political science
bale_out Christian Bale - a teacher, chemistry
mister_sting Sting - a teacher, music
beautifullaw Jude Law - the counselor
elijah_babe Elijah Wood - student
studentbloom Orlando Bloom - student
studentjeremy Jeremy Sumpter - student
closed_case Jared Leto - student
_drakebell Drake bell - student
student_smith Gregory Smith - student
student_shirley Shirley Manson - student
studious_jake Jake Gyllenhaal - student
student_tobias Tobey Maguire - student
zipped_lips Alex Band - student
studentamber Amber Tamblyn - student
domintrouble Dominic Monaghan - student
michelle_rdgz Michelle Rodriguez - student
student_lindsay Lindsay Lohan - student
sweet_ambrosio Alessandra Ambrosio - student
_jess_mccartney Jesse McCartney - student
studentbrowning Emily Browning - student
___amylee Amy Lee - student
studenthayden Hayden Christensen - student
irish_roots Colin Farrell - student
boydinmotion Billy Boyd - student
student_eva Evangeline Lilly - student
joss_stone__ Joss Stone - student
emiliedances Emilie de Ravin - student
justin___t Justin Timberlake - student
ashton_kut_cher Ashton Kutcher - student
studentricci Christina Ricci - student
bam_c_margera Bam Margera - student
travisgold Travis Fimmel - student
drewfuller__ Drew Fuller - student
student_ryan Ryan Reynolds - student


Orlando Bloom & Billy Boyd
Elijah Wood & Drake Bell
Jeremy Sumpter & Bam Margera
Jared Leto & Dominic Monaghan
Alex Band & Travis Fimmel
Gregory Smith & Jesse McCartney
Tobey Maguire & Jake Gyllenhaal
Hayden Christensen & Drew Fuller
Colin Farrell & Ryan Reynolds
David Usher

Amber Tamblyn & Evangeline Lilly
Shirley Manson
Lindsay Lohan & Joss Stone
Michelle Rodriguez
Alessandra Ambrosio & Emilie de Ravin
Emily Browning & Amy Lee
Christina Ricci

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